SAVIOTECH is a dynamic company with considerable experience gained over several years in co-design, design, construction and maintenance of moulds, molding of plastics, Thermoplastics, thermosetting and dry granulated silicones for high temperatures, recycled second-life plastics and bio plastics and assembly and testing services. Seriousness, reliability, research, innovation and development are characteristics long-established in SAVIOTECH and its selected internal and external collaborators.

          SAVIOTECH is able to offer to the customer, co-design, engineering, manufacturing and production experience, the result of the use over time of almost all the high-performance polymers and technopolymers on the market, maturing an important specialization in the substitution of metals and alloys.

          SAVIOTECH is available with current and new potential customers to discuss and collaborate offering:

  • When designing and designing new products, consulting and assistance for co-design,/u> with research and proposals of materials suitable for the proper functionality of the particular and optimize the investment of the mold.
  • For the components and assemblies already existing in metal or metal alloy currently used by the customer, the study and consultancy for the possible conversion into technopolymers with reduction of costs and / or improvement of their functionality.
  • For the already existing plastic components and assemblies currently used by the customer that present problems, with suggestions and research of possible alternatives and / or different and innovative technical solutions in order to solve the problem itself.
  • Construction of new molds with impressions or not, with mechanical, hydraulic, electric movements and air conditioning also electric.
  • Maintenance of the molds already in use, for any changes, recoveries and / or ordinary and extraordinary maintenance ensuring prompt intervention for emergencies.
  • Post-molding, assembly and mechanical machining of both metal and plastic components, with the design and construction of suitable equipment and / or assembly templates and ultrasonic welding.

          For this reason, more and more customers rely on the experience of SAVIOTECH considering it a valid collaborator, to design, develop, produce and / or modify their components and products, ensuring high quality throughout the process, from the idea to the realization.

          SAVIOTECH’s skills are currently applicable in the fields of textile machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, portable tools, electronic and electromechanical equipment and components, kitchen equipment and large kitchens, automatic food and beverage vending machines, lighting, electrotechnics, heating and heating chimneys and any other user sector of thermoplastic, thermosetting and silicone high temperature dry granule plastic components. In particular Transmission and sliding parts, Driving and supporting parts, Electromechanical parts, Fluid components, Cable glands, Aesthetic articles, Bio plastics and recycled plastics, Thermo hardeners and dry silicon granules for high temperatures, co-moulding and complete assembly.

          SAVIOTECH is currently structured as follows:

  • Technical office for customer service for consultancy, study, research, co-design and design.
  • Metrological laboratory for quality control.
  • Department for the construction and maintenance of moulds and equipment and for the mechanical machining of series, with electro erosion, machining centers, CNC milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, drills and other equipment necessary for their realization.
  • Moulding department with vertical, vertical rotary table presses, vertical compression presses and horizontal presses of 15 to 380 tonnes. , for moulding with or without the application of inserts, and with dehumidifiers, dryers, granulators, ultrasound and other equipment necessary for the production of moulding and assembly.

          SAVIOTECH is therefore organized and structured to offer a complete service with the ambition to be placed in its sector and specialization among the main consultants, suppliers and loyal collaborators for both current and new customers .