Design and Co-design

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          SAVIOTECH is structured and has a good experience in co-design, engineering, manufacturing and production knowledge to collaborate and support the customer from the beginning of the projects in order to prevent and reduce as little as possible production problems, analyzing, proposing and optimizing with the customer the correct realization of the mould and the choice of polymers and technopolymers for the best functionality of the final product with the consequent saving of costs.

          More and more customers make use of this service, saving time and internal costs for research and design, considering us as reliable suppliers and collaborators.

          The long experience of SAVIOTECH with the use of almost all polymers, technopolymers including dry siliconic granules for high temperatures, from second life materials to the noblest technopolymers type Peek, has allowed us to mature an important specialization in the substitution of metals and alloys.