Moulding and Assembly

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          The moulding department of SAVIOTECH is composed of vertical, vertical presses with sliding table, vertical presses with compression and horizontal presses from 15 to 380 tons. for moulding with or without the application of inserts and with dehumidifiers, dryers, granulators, ultrasonic welding machine and other equipment guarantee the production of moulded, machined, assembled and tested parts.

          We are therefore able to satisfy the customer’s needs by printing aesthetic and/or technical articles with almost all polymers and technopolymers including dry granulated silicones for high temperatures, from second-life materials to the noblest Peek technopolymers, from the moulding-only component to the insert-only component, from a few grams to 2 kg.

     Transmission and connecting elements
Gears, clutches, couplings, pulleys, cylinders, sliding parts with a low coefficient of friction, mechanical levers and supports, etc., made of technopolymers.

     Guidance and support bodies
Supports, machine parts, boxes, stands, etc. , made of thermoplastic polymers and structural thermosets, with excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures; possible realizations with technopolymers charged with glass, carbon, carbonates, metals, etc.

     Electromechanical parts
High temperature resistant resin components, fire retardant insulation, antistatic, conductive, etc. 
Realization of low voltage isolators and ignition systems for medium/high voltages.

     Components for fluids
Liquid elements: Nozzles, fittings, filters, impellers, pump bodies, manifolds, etc.
Air elements: Fans and vacuum cleaners, etc.

     Cable gland
Soft and rigid thermoplastic components, rubber pads, pressure rings, bodies, etc.

     Cosmetic articles
Transparent and coloured: Masks, remote controls, covers, screens, protections, reflectors, etc.

     Bio plastics and recycled plastics
Components for packaging, suction nozzles, stands and particulates not in sight, mulching plates for road use, etc.

     Dry granulated thermo-hardeners and silicones for high temperatures
For electromechanical parts, furnaces, fittings for heating elements, etc.

     Complete Co-mouldings and Groups
Union of plastic moulding you plastic, plastic on rubber and plastic on metal, etc.

          SAVIOTECH is also equipped and organized internally and with selected external suppliers, for the assembly service of tested complete groups and mechanical machining of plastic components.