SAVIOTECH is a dynamic enterprise with a considerable expertise in mould designing and manufacturing and in plastic, thermoplastic, thermosetting and silicone materials moulding.

Reliability, expertise, research and innovation are now qualities rooted in SAVIOTECH and in all of its internal and external collaborators.

The strength of SAVIOTECH is the special focus placed on research and development.

SAVIOTECH is able to offer its clients co-design projects, engineering, implementation and manufacturing skills, as a result of the long expertise in the use of nearly all the polymers on the market and of an important specialisation acquired in replacing metals and alloys with polymers and high-performance technopolymers.

Moreover, SAVIOTECH is able to fully integrate the service to clients, by providing also products with post-moulding and/or assembling procedures.

Client SATISFACTION is SAVIOTECH's MISSION : we are able to guarantee a top quality product, following its manufacturing process from the starting idea to the final implementation.

This is why national and international companies turn to the expertise of SAVIOTECH to develop and manufacture their own products: indeed, they increasingly consider it as their ideal PARTNER.